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We are multinational team with a broad knowledge base within all fields of aerospace engineering. Together we strive to create the best launching service for small satellites.

Adrià Argemí
Adrià Argemí
Founder & CEO

Adrià has a double Master’s degree in Aerospace and Industrial engineering from UPC (Spain) and ISAE-SUPAERO (France). He is a qualified aerospace engineer with experience into the propulsion research field and on the industry as well. Adrià started Pangea Aerospace in 2018 together with the other four co-founders.

He worked as an Engine Performance engineer for Airbus flight test department and as thermal validation engineer at Avio S.p.A. As a teacher for students and company newcomers, he gained management and communication skills very helpful to spread the Pangea vision.

He has always been passionate for space and cutting edge technologies, and had the native idea of Pangea Aerospace by willing to unite high efficient existing technologies to rethink on how to lower the cost to access space.

Federico Rossi
Federico Rossi
Co-Founder & Head of Propulsion Engineering

Federico graduated with a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bologna, with a focus on rocket propulsion. He performed his thesis at Avio’s R&D department, investigating the feasibility of a LOX/CH4 aerospike engine and its compatibility with the next Vega E launcher.

Soon afterwards he was selected to attend a second level Master Course in Space Transportation Systems hosted by the University of Rome «La Sapienza», where he met his present traveling companions in the journey named Pangea Aerospace.

Federico is a dynamic and sociable person. Probably he would have become an average football player if it was not for his addiction to science and the never – ending challenges of the engineer job. He currently serves as head of propulsion engineering at Pangea Aerospace.

Xavier Llairó
Xavier Llairó
Co-Founder & COO

Xavier has always dreamt about stars but wanted to understand how the world works pragmatically. After studying business administration and working for 5 years in the corporate innovation environment, he now launches Pangea Aerospace to reimagine the future of space.

Xavier holds a BBA from ESADE and a Master Grande Ecole at ESCP in Paris. Before launching Pangea Aerospace, he worked at bluenove as a senior consultant in innovation management. He was specialized in mobility and public sector, working with clients such as Airbus, ADP, SNCF, Ministère de l’environnement or the Caisse des Dépôts Group, amongst others.

Prior joining bluenove, Xavier worked in the strategy department of the Caisse des Dépôts for two years structuring the corporate innovation of the Group.

Rasmus Bergström
Rasmus Bergström
Co-Founder & Head of Recovery and Return to Base Engineering

Rasmus is an aerospace engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in mechanics and a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering from KTH, Sweden. He has previously been working with sounding rocket experiments at KTH, and also as a research engineer within the DARPA -backed SPIRAL project at CMU. Most recently he worked at OHB Italy with improving the guidance algorithm for the PRISMA satellite and calculating orbital transfers for the VENUS mission.

Rasmus has been part of a multitude of projects and student organizations at the previous universities which he has been attending, including the rocket association DARE at TU Delft and the Lunar Rover Initiative at CMU. He’s also done practical machining work with CNC programming and manufacturing, and in general isn’t too uncomfortable with a wrench. Obsessed with space and engineering, and an incurable believer in humans. He’s currently working as the head of recovery and RTB at Pangea Aerospace.

Nicola Palumbo
Nicola Palumbo
Co-Founder & Head of Mechanical Engineering

Nicola graduated with a Master's degree in Space Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome with a focus on aerospace structures. In 2017 he earned a second level Master's degree in Space Transportation Systems and re-entry vehicles from the same university.

He has been always passionate about science, technology, and space. His main interests are 3D printing and additive layer manufacturing, since he is an expert in aerospace materials and Computed-Aided Engineering (CAE). After working for an Italian aeronautics company involved in engine analysis, and a period in the field of inertial navigation systems as a mechanical engineer at Northrop Grumman, he joined Pangea Aerospace in 2018 serving as head of mechanical engineering.


Luís Bellafont
Luís Bellafont
Chief Financial Officer

Luis previously worked at HI Partners (Blackstone Real Estate Group) where he developed a large track record in real estate investment and corporate transactions, being involved on the sell side for a double track (IPO/M&A) and participating in debt raising processes for more than €400 million. Previously, he was a Business Development Intern Analyst in technology transfer at the EIF in Luxembourg. Additionally, he participated in strategic projects as a consultant in the airline industry, utility industry and e-commerce.

Luis obtained a master's degree in finance from ESADE Business School, and a master's degree in international management by CEMS. During his studies he has also been studying in Babson College (Boston, US) and in Cologne University (Germany). Luis is always looking for new learning experiences and is delighted to enter the aerospace world. He joined Pangea Aerospace in 2018 serving as CFO.


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We are made up from a multinational team with a broad knowledge base within all fields

We are made up from a multinational team with a broad knowledge base within all fields



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