Pangea Aerospace has been created by gathering international engineers together under a common objective:

To develop the technologies for the next generation of microlaunchers and to lower the cost to access to space.

Small satellites are becoming the new standard of the satellite industry due to the rise of constellations, the lower manufacturing costs and the miniaturization of modern electronics.

Heavy lift launchers have been designed to serve large and heavy satellites. Micro launchers are tailored to serve the rising small satellite market but offer a higher price per kilogram. Pangea Aerospace is developing the technology for the next cost-effective generation of microlaunchers.

Pangea Aerospace has been rethinking the traditional rocket design procedure to include reusability from the very start. We invented a novel concept for recovering and reusing the first stage of a launcher, using mature technologies from other fields.

Regarding propulsion, Pangea Aerospace is developing an aerospike engine. This type of nozzle is significantly more efficient than the bell nozzle used today. We believe that aerospike engine will power the new era of space exploration.

Our long term goal is to develop the most cost-effective, reusable and flexible micro-launcher in the world, using the disruptive technologies that we are creating.

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