Honoring the ancient supercontinent, Pangea Aerospace has been created by gathering international engineers together under a common objective:

To lower the cost for accessing space for the small satellite market.

Micro-satellites have become the new order of the day due to the combination of the boost in space economy given by the private sector, their low manufacturing cost, and the huge development and miniaturization of modern electronics.

Where heavy lift launchers have been designed in the past to serve large and heavy satellites, they are not optimized for serving the significantly increasing small satellite market. A new type of launch vehicle, tailored for these specifications, is required.

In order to do so, our solution focuses on two main concepts: rethink and reuse. We have been rethinking the traditional rocket design procedure from scratch to include reusability from the very start. Our product is tailored around the most advanced manufacturing techniques and takes advantage of mature technologies from other fields of application.

Distinguishing the propulsion system is the aerospike design. Combining superior performance with reduced dimensions, this engine concept outclasses conventional technologies and is well suited to explore the design freedom given by novel additive manufacturing techniques.

The system also aims for a high degree of reusability, which is not achieved only by a single key concept, but by the entire system being designed with re-usability in mind. This also allows for the vehicle to use advanced technologies which previously were not practical for use with the classical expendable launch vehicles.

Our lean – design approach allows us to develop a greener, efficient, reusable launcher that will serve our customers with a cost-effective solution and will set a new standard for the exciting new era ahead of us.

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